Ensure human right of livelihood by providing fundamental needs
Communities Unite for Pure-water (CUP)

CUP is an online awareness campaign and donation drive funded by our corporate sponsors. It aims to engage not only young people but the whole nation in an effort to provide clean water for poverty-stricken communities in Cambodia. For every click on our online banner, our corporate sponsors will donate 10 Sen. The collected funds will be channeled to 'Research and Development International Cambodia' (RDIC) to purchase and install water collection tanks and ceramic filter systems for clean water supply of the Cambodian people. This campaign was launched on February 9th, 2010.
Provide relief for communities affected by war, conflict and disaster
Gaza Dibela

Gaza Dibela aims to mobilise the children of Malaysia to collect donations to provide assistance to Palestinian children suffering from recent armed conflicts. This charity drive also seeks to create awareness among the children on how their collective good actions arising through small contributions of 10 Sen can become part of a movement of peace with positive impact on society and world. The donations collected were channeled to the MRCS International Relief Fund which will be utilized in the MRCS humanitarian assistance program in Gaza. The charity drive was carried out from February 25 – May 12, 2009.
Educate the lesser privileged

Ajar-Ajar is an educational campaign that empowers outstanding Malaysian university students to help educate underprivileged school children throughout the nation. This is done primarily through tuition programs targeting orphans, children of single mothers, poverty-stricken children and underprivileged home's children. Ajar-Ajar concentrates on providing quality instruction through a syllabus that integrates academic education with character education. Training will be conducted by experts and specialists from universities and tuition centres to turn these students into effective teachers. These university students will in turn get a chance to serve the community and play a part in shaping tomorrow's future.